BGPsec History

Historic overview of various BGP Security initiatives

2004 - RFC 3779 published: X.509 Extensions for IP Addresses and AS Identifiers

2006 - Department of Homeland Security publishes a road map for Secure Protocols for the Routing Infrastructure Initiative.

2006 - IETF Secure Inter-Domain Routing (SIDR) working group started

2012 - RFC 6480 published: An Infrastructure to Support Secure Internet Routing

2013 - RFC 6811 published: BGP Prefix Origin Validation

2016 - Peerlock popularized and deployed at various global Carriers

2017 - RFC 8212 published: EBGP policies 'secure by default'

2017 - RFC 8205 published: BGPsec Protocol Specification

2018 - RIPE community successfully closes password 'RPSL' loophole with completion of NWI-5

2019 - RIPE community successfully use RPKI data to clean-up stale IRR data as a continuous process: RIPE-731.

2020 - Global launch of RPKI Origin Validation (Telia, NTT, LINX, Telstra, HK-IX, GTT, Cogent, Amazon, many others)

2021 - Start of project to study feasibility of BGPsec deployment in commercial context


2026 - Global launch of BGPsec?